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An Intimate Affair with The Beautiful Adelene Rose


Come out and join us as we explore the finer points of boudoir photography with the beautiful and curvy Adelene Rose. During this workshop we will dive into how I would run one of my boudoir sessions for my clients, from lighting to how I would pose them to my camera setting. You will not only get great images but have a better understanding of how to duplicate the results with your own clientele.

Adelene will give us 3 different looks and you will have plenty opportunities to get amazing shots.

We use a timed turn based method of shooting that is organized and gives each photographer an equal opportunity to get in his or her shots of the models while receiving unique poses all their own. A model release form will be included and provided to you after the event. This release gives you permission to post your photos you've taken.

Just bring your camera since we’re providing the space and the professional lighting setup. Our in-house photographer will be glad to assist you with your camera settings or answer any questions you may have.

DMV Model Photography create an open environment that encourages and allows photographers to come together creatively and socially. We foster a free flow of ideas and open, honest communication. With us, it’s about the art!


We can't do these events without these talented ladies.

We know your busy out there in the real world, but please take some time out to provide photos to the lovely ladies! Without them, this wouldn't be possible. ! They need these photos to build up their portfolios as well! So remember, they took time out to come support you so don't forget to return the favor! :-)